Editing/ Evaluating Steps in Translation

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Editing/ Evaluating

What is ‘editing’?
Editing = to edit
Editor = noun person
Editing is a way of thinking critically and reading carefully
Proofreading (also proof-reading) traditionally means reading a proof copy of a text in order to detect and correct any errors. Modern proofreading often requires reading copy at earlier stages as well.

 Job Descriptions as an Editor
1. To check and improve completed stories and write headlines
2. To check facts, spelling, and grammar for handling major revisions
3. To check naturalness, style and equivalence (in translation)
4. To check Cohesion and Coherence
5. To check the Readers Target (TL oriented)

Jobs as an Editor
1. Copy editor
2. Tape editor (Broadcast and Online)
3. Design/ Layout editor (Print and Online)
4. News Producer/ writer (Broadcast)
5. News Editor (Copy Chief)
6. Book Editor (Translated and Non Translated)
7. Etc.

Preparing to be an editor
1. The ability to think clearly and critically about issues and events
2. The vision to measure the story’s impact in terms of meaning and relevance to audience
3. The determination to accuracy, clarity, fairness and balance.
4. The skill to turn ‘disorganised’ stories into powerful ones
5. The ability to organise and work cooperatively with others.

Editors’ Challenges
1. Word bias
2. Figure of speech
3. Word and cultural equivalence
4. Diction
5. Punctuation
6. Cohesion and Coherence
7. MD-DM pattern
8. Ambiguity (ketaksaan)
9. Terminology
10. Naturalness

Editing Steps
1. Reading for understanding
2. Improving the organization and focus
3. Editing for accuracy
4. Editing for grammar and style
5. Editing for language and sentence structure

Editors’ Tools
1. A good dictionary : Webster’s, Cambridge, Oxford, Enchols
2. KBBI edisi keempat 2008
3. Thesaurus Bahasa Indonesia (Eko Endarmoko)
4. Tata Bahasa Baku Bahasa Indonesia Pusat Bahasa
5. EYD (ejaan yang disempurnakan)
6. Google/ Internet
7. Encyclopedia
8. Expert
9. Etc.

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