How to learn English in different ways?

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Learning English in different ways

1. Change your environment into English Atmoshpere

§Reading English books, novels, newspapers, magazines, articles etc.
§Listening to English songs, radio programs, youtube videos etc.
§Watching English films, movies, news etc.
§Speaking English with your friends, colleagues, natives, teachers, by heart etc.
§Writing anything in English, daily routines, reports, sending SMS, BBM, email, FB, T, etc.

2. Try to Speak English by Heart (Intrapersonal Speaking) when you decide & plan Something.

§We usually speak with ourselves alone at home, in the bathroom, room at office, classroom, on the way to campus etc.
§We talk to ourselves about what to decide, plan to do, to be empathic etc.
§Change your mind into English version.

3. Start Every Sentence Simply with Subject & Verb (S+V+O)

§English structure is mostly composed by an active voice (sentence)
§But, Indonesian structure is mostly used in passive voice (sentence)
§Kelas dimulai pukul 09.00 pagi.
§The class begins at 09.00 in the morning.

4. Have your own pocket dictionary (phrase book)
§This means that you must write every single new word/vocabulary in a special book, small notebook, diary or organizer that you get/know them for the first time.
§This could be from articles, subtitle of films, friends etc. then try to act them out.

5. Be Active, be Confident, practise more!
§In speaking (especially) or any skills in English, you do not need to be afraid of mistakes in Grammar or Vocabulary even how to pronounce it.
§Just go with it, go with the flow!!! Practise more with native speakers!!


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